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Faux Birch Bark Box with Moss Covered Lid "Tutorial"

Hi, and thanks for checking out my tutorial. This project is a lot of fun and can be completed within about 48 hours (due to paint drying time). This is my first tutorial and I am so excited to share it with you. I've attempted to include all of the necessary instructions and tips to help you create your own Faux Birch Box Terrarium. As always please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. The idea for making this box stemmed from the crochet coasters I made. I had completed making 6 matching crochet coasters and wanted a really special box to keep them in. A box that would make a great conversation piece when guests were visiting. I enjoy working with paint because it is a relaxing, peaceful activity. So I came up with this Faux Birch Bark painting technique, then added the moss to the lid, and finally fashioned the little gnome, mushrooms, and rocks out of polymer clay. You can find the pattern for the crochet coasters Here.

Materials needed: * A 4" round paper m…

Yarn Weight Chart

Yarn Weights I created a chart to use as a reference guide when trying to determine gauge for a particular yarn or pattern. I compiled the information from various yarn labels. Please click HERE to check out the chart! Thanks for reading and happy knitting!!!!!

Leaf Wristlet with Accessory Pouch "Maui Lau"

"Maui Lau"

I designed this wristlet to hold small personal items (wallet, compact, note pad, iphone, ect.) along with a few essential accessories. The accessories pouch tucks into the wristlet nicely to keep everything neat and contained.
* I detailed the brim at the top of the wristlet with a picot edging. The handle is knitted in a left twist cable.
* The length of the wristlet not including the accessories pouch is approximately 12 inches from handle to bottom tip of leaf.
* The fabric flower is approximately 3 inches wide.
* The leaf accessories pouch is approximately 4 inches in length without the cord.
They are available at myEtsyshop.