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Monday, November 1, 2010

Leaf Cup Cuddler

I designed this beverage sleeve as a series of connected meandering leaves. Hand knit out of a luxuriously soft wool blend of 50% Acrylic 40% Wool 10% Nylon, it is completely machine washable. The fiber content also makes it a wonderful insulator as well as a hand protector. It works well with both cold and hot beverage cups. It does a good job at catching those pesky drips, too! This leaf cuddler also works wonderfully on a porcelain cup like the eco ”I’m not a paper cup” coffee cups. It's available and ready to ship to you.

I originally designed this quick knit Cup Cuddler as a PDF knitting pattern. It is seamed, pieced, and blocked. I recommend cotton yarn for a cold beverage Cup Cuddler and a wool/wool blend yarn for a hot beverage Cup Cuddler. It's a great pattern for using up those bits of yarn in your left over stash beause it only requires approximately 20-25 yards of yarn in a worsted weight.

Technical specs:
Skill level is some experience needed.
Stitches: Knit, Purl, cast-on, bind-off, yo, ssk, k2tog
Worked flat on single point knitting needles.

If you're interested in information about the completed Leaf Cuddler, click HERE.

If you're interested in information about the knitting pattern, click HERE.


  1. This is so pretty and chique :D Will you post a tutorial? :-) Thanks for sharing, you're really talented!!


    The Creative Muslimah @

  2. Very cute! You did a lovely job with this sleeve. The design is wonderful, great work.

  3. Thank you!!! I don't have a tutorial yet, maybe in the future.

  4. ahhh I'm obsessed with leaves and this is so so awesome. I love it! So much!