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Hi all,
I just wanted to put up a quick note today. I received a question from a customer about weather bamboo was a good material to use in circular needles or not. Of course, my answer was, yes! But, it got me thinking about the earlier patterns I wrote recommending to use short circular knitting needles. Since then I have created so many different designs for the cup cozy, I have discovered that just about any material of needle and either double points or circulars are fine to use. Neither one is better than the other as long as you are comfortable working with it. I have also discovered that some pattern stitches are best worked using double pointed needles rather than the short 9-11" circulars simply because the stitches become stretched out of shape on the circular needles. These patterns have all be written recommending the double pointed needles.
So, basically the simpler patterns like the 2x2 ribs, broken rib, seed stitch, and the simple twisted stitch ribs are all eas…