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Free Knitting Patterm

“Kitamu” Half Brioche Cuddler
This is a free knitting pattern designed by me. I hope you will have lots of fun using up those leftover bits of yarn with this easy cup cuddler pattern. I designed this quick knit Cup Cuddler pattern for a small size coffee cup but it can easily be adjusted for a larger one. If you find you want a looser fit, simply use the number of cast on stitches shown in the () parentheses. The cup cuddler is fun to make and knits up within about an hour. They are terrific for gift giving, too! 
Finished Measurements: Approximately 3 ” x 8 ¾ “
Materials:   Any worsted weight yarn, about 25 yards. I used: Leftovers of 1 Skein of Minnowknits  Size 6 US, 4” short double point knitting needles. 1 Stitch MarkerTapestry needle Abbreviations: Beg – beginning B.O. – Bind off C.O. – Cast-on K, k – Knit P, p – Purl Rep – repeat St (sts) – stitch (stitches) Irb – in row below; knit one in the next stitch in the row below.��������������������������������������������������������…

8 More Cup Cuddlers

I'm working on a second small collection of cup cuddlers. It will featuring 8 cup cuddler designs all in one pattern. The following designs will be included:




Traveling Vine


Twin Shoots
This group will go on sale as one small collection of 8 more designs by the end of July, it will sell for $10.00. I will provide a link as soon as the pattern rolls out. If you have any questions feel free to email me at or visit me at Ravelry.