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Leaf Cup Cuddler

I designed this beverage sleeve as a series of connected meandering leaves. Hand knit out of a luxuriously soft wool blend of 50% Acrylic 40% Wool 10% Nylon, it is completely machine washable. The fiber content also makes it a wonderful insulator as well as a hand protector. It works well with both cold and hot beverage cups. It does a good job at catching those pesky drips, too! This leaf cuddler also works wonderfully on a porcelain cup like the eco ”I’m not a paper cup” coffee cups. It's available and ready to ship to you.

I originally designed this quick knit Cup Cuddler as a PDF knitting pattern. It is seamed, pieced, and blocked. I recommend cotton yarn for a cold beverage Cup Cuddler and a wool/wool blend yarn for a hot beverage Cup Cuddler. It's a great pattern for using up those bits of yarn in your left over stash beause it only requires approximately 20-25 yards of yarn in a worsted weight.

Technical specs:
Skill level is some experience needed.

Hi!!! ;)

I'm so glad you stopped by. I would love to meet you and chat about knitting. I'd also like to see any recent projects you are proud of.
You are more than welcome to check out my knitting patterns. I have a lot of patterns that you may be interested in. From cup cozies to wristlets my knitting projects are designed to be quick, some easy, some challenging, and all useful and rewarding. Check out my Ravelry page and my Etsy Shop. If you have any comments or questions please contact me and we can chat a bit.
Even if it's about some "Yummy" yarn you've found and you're dying to show someone, I'd love to see it.

Hope to see you soon!!!!    ;)



Hi all,
I just wanted to put up a quick note today. I received a question from a customer about weather bamboo was a good material to use in circular needles or not. Of course, my answer was, yes! But, it got me thinking about the earlier patterns I wrote recommending to use short circular knitting needles. Since then I have created so many different designs for the cup cozy, I have discovered that just about any material of needle and either double points or circulars are fine to use. Neither one is better than the other as long as you are comfortable working with it. I have also discovered that some pattern stitches are best worked using double pointed needles rather than the short 9-11" circulars simply because the stitches become stretched out of shape on the circular needles. These patterns have all be written recommending the double pointed needles.
So, basically the simpler patterns like the 2x2 ribs, broken rib, seed stitch, and the simple twisted stitch ribs are all eas…

Free Knitting Patterm

“Kitamu” Half Brioche Cuddler
This is a free knitting pattern designed by me. I hope you will have lots of fun using up those leftover bits of yarn with this easy cup cuddler pattern. I designed this quick knit Cup Cuddler pattern for a small size coffee cup but it can easily be adjusted for a larger one. If you find you want a looser fit, simply use the number of cast on stitches shown in the () parentheses. The cup cuddler is fun to make and knits up within about an hour. They are terrific for gift giving, too! 
Finished Measurements: Approximately 3 ” x 8 ¾ “
Materials:   Any worsted weight yarn, about 25 yards. I used: Leftovers of 1 Skein of Minnowknits  Size 6 US, 4” short double point knitting needles. 1 Stitch MarkerTapestry needle Abbreviations: Beg – beginning B.O. – Bind off C.O. – Cast-on K, k – Knit P, p – Purl Rep – repeat St (sts) – stitch (stitches) Irb – in row below; knit one in the next stitch in the row below.��������������������������������������������������������…

8 More Cup Cuddlers

I'm working on a second small collection of cup cuddlers. It will featuring 8 cup cuddler designs all in one pattern. The following designs will be included:




Traveling Vine


Twin Shoots
This group will go on sale as one small collection of 8 more designs by the end of July, it will sell for $10.00. I will provide a link as soon as the pattern rolls out. If you have any questions feel free to email me at or visit me at Ravelry.

New Cup Cuddler Designs

I've finally finished up 10 more cup cuddler designs. I will put the patterns up for sale as soon as I'm finished with a few last minute details and editing. Here are some photo's:

     Tunisian Design

Bitty Braids

           Bud Leaf
Mini Cable

Pearl Brioche

            Spiral                                                      Inside out Spiral

Knitted pin cushions

Here are some pictures of my latest projects. "Knitted Pin Cushions" inside hand painted shabby chic boxes. I made some hearts, some rounds, some squares and some crescent moon and stars. My goal in these projects was to find a way to use up all of those leftover yarn scraps and turn them into a functional,  attractive object.

I had a lot of fun experimenting with the shabby chic technique on all of these little paper mache boxes. The little boxes have pretty embossing on the sides, too. I am considering playing around with staining in order to make the embossing show up better.

The little star on the crescent moon box is attached with a gold string and I placed little magnets inside so it can function as a needle minder!

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